I am a Financial Domme, elegant, upper class and intelligent you have the privilege to know I am Your Goddess. Your Idol. I am what you crave; Before you contact me, however, you need to be sure that you are ready and that you understand what contacting me means: it means that you are ready to talk to me with the respect due to a Queen of FinDomme, that you follow MY rules and conform to  expectations.

I do not tolerate those who waste my time, and, Queen Morgan provides training to satisfy your need to be guided to freedom into submissive. Understand that I have been dealing with submissive for years, countless sad little men whose desperation has made them to attempt to trick me, and they have all failed.

Client-sub,slave often have various reasons for wanting guidance financially. If you’re still having trouble understanding why would a client-sub,slave want this, crave this, need this , Just lost without leadership? Let me try to put it in a way that most will be able to relate to. First of all, you must be able to accept submission of finsub,slave lifestyle. Chances are you know someone that really understand the submissive life experiences. So Queen Morgan is now looking at a person who adores submission, which goes hand in hand with guidance of FinDomme, doesn’t it.  Queen Morgan's voice with it's echoes of lavishness and refinement holds an imminence within it's timbre that seduces honor them. Its articulation and cadence manifest and inevitability which leaves you no choice but to obey since you know within your deepest self that to obey is your absolute aspiration.