What is a Therapy meeting and FinDomme meeting and other Meeting ?

A Meeting is a form of interaction between the Queen Morgan and the client-sub/slave. There are basically 4 types of meeting and they are: phone, therapy, skype, & private one to one meeting.

Phone Meeting

These Meeting are done via NiteFlirt. I have an FinDomme line, Therapy line and more which is self explanitory. We will talk about the subjects and misguided and how long you be deceived in finsub/slave lifestyle. If I ever hear you having a convulsion.  I will discontinue the meeting for  degeneration ASAP! As a client-sub/slave, you need to respect me. I will never engage in phone sex with your or talk about sex. If you are looking to talk FREAKY, call a phone sex operator or contact a cam girl... Contact me if you are unable to become a NF member. Visit my NF page:

Consultation Meeting

These meeting are done via skype or phone. Consultation meeting Queen holds a consultation with all first time & returning clients, slaves, and submissive. Queen asks the questions  to assist me in developing an understanding of my subjects needs.  I prefer that you answer these questions prior to the meeting.

Skype Meeting

These meeting are done via skype ONLY. New or returning client-sub,slave  I will validate and clarify your Consultation Form   During a Skype meeting. This is the only way that I will view and make verification on a determination from your consulation form. 

Private Meeting


  Private one to one meeting. 

 I REQUIRE private one to one meeting.   You have option of email me @ or call to make arrangements and schedule for meeting. To Make Contact With the Queen Morgan by phone for a private one to one and  We will go over your consultation form then you will agree with time and the day of the scheduling Booking. I typically prefer 24 advance notice for private meeting.

 A  Booking Deposit is require for private meeting from Client-sub/slaves that I do consider for a meeting. The deposit imformation can be found on payment page.  

Client-sub,slave Consulatation Application: The application should be completed and return along with short bio 50 words . Prior to initial contact and will be discussed during phone consultation or Skype Interview.

Initial Contact once the consultation form application and bio are return potential clients will recieve a unclosed minutes screening on Skype or phone consultation. Booking scheduling can be confirmed at this time.


 DO NOT contact me if you are not close enough for my area I am at and not willing to make the drive to out of MY area for a meeting. I DO NOT offer under ANY circumstances so DO NOT bother to ask!   

DO NOT ask me if I switch. I DO NOT SWITCH AT ALL, EVER! 

DO NOT contact me offering to be MY photographer. As you can see from my photo galleries, I work with the best! 

DO NOT contact me and tell me that you arouse to my pictures. I couldn't care LESS!

NEVER, EVER, contact me if you are a male Dominant offering to make me into your slave, NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!  


I offer FINDOMME ONLY! I DO NOT offer ANY type of sex or illegal activities. 

I DO NOT offer ANY type of body worship AT ALL! 

If that is what you seek, move along NOW and find an escort. YES, I REALLY mean this! 

  I will NOT conduct a meeting with someone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol!

These are MY HARD limits and I will NOT participate in ANY of these activities EVER!


If you are interested in cross dressing and you don't have your own gear, YOU MUST  have  your own crossing dressing gear/Toys etc  Before Contact me. I DO NOT travel with cross dressing gear!

 These sessions are done live, in-person with trusted client-sub,slaves who have been serving me & who have paid their initial Payment. The types of private one to one meeting Here are the activities that I provide:



Ball Busting

Wax Play


Face Slapping


Smoking Fetishes

Public humiliation and exposure

dental and tease

Financial Domination

Finslave training & Tasks

Verbal abuse

Therapy Sessions

Penis humiliation

Maid Training




Face Sitting

Roman Showers

Scat (Brown Showers)



Infantilism & Diapers

Mommy Role play


Body Worship

Any Role play 

NO, I DO NOT offer any type of body worship. If this is an important piece of your meeting, find someone who will offer it.

Private one to one meeting are done at the location of MY choice...A copy of your valid ID is REQUIRED before the meeting and shredded and thrown away after the meeting. The purpose of that is for my saftey & I do not use it for blackmail reasons. Also, there will always be a bodyguard in or near.



Phone rates- 1-800-863-5478 ext.9926093 $3.99 per minute