My Rules

 Queen Morgan Rules 

1. Those who can't manage,be able to,have the means for to receive a series of such meetings with a professional Domme, or wish to save up in order to live out your dream concourse. You can help me promote my site by clicking on my links page, click on them every day. Plus you can create attractive banners and post them on different findom sites yourself also,get a second job. Advertise my website on google – pay for the ad as much as your pocket allows you to – actually, all client-sub,slaves are encouraged to promote my site as much as you can.

2. Client-sub,slaves, unlike what the word suggests, is in fact freedom. Here are some reasons why: Many people are addicted to drugs, alcohol or gambling. That’s the real addiction. They maintain those addictions sometimes at the expense of neglecting their families. Financial consultation will give a pleasure 100 times stronger and it wont hurt your family like the other addictions. The beginning of our live Skype Financial Consultation meeting. I will guide you the finding of your consulation form application .

3. Refer to Me as Queen Morgan – Being a dominant female entirely superior to you, you must speak to Me with the respect I deserve at all times. I am your Queen, the FinDomme of your dreams to the righteous way of your lifestyle, so I am not just Morgan to you. You are a client-sub,slave, are looking for guidance from your Queen, so you must call Me Queen Morgan.

4. You will confess to me, how much you need my discipline and guidance. Admit how much I understand your chosen lifestyle, because  I understand your chosen lifestyle of course I do. I know you want to recieve guidance and be in a happy place, and agree to embrace my every wish. You know it’s your destiny, don’t you?  Of course you do want to have the right guidance to your finsub,slave lifestyle, don’t you. I believe the greatest righteous path is the right way to your improve finsub,slave lifestyle. 

5. Generally, a client-sub,slave who claims to be a submissive should already have a natural obedience personality and a natural proclivity of efficiency lifestyle as a submissive. Such as a obedience personality can usually be rooted in the early years of finsub,slave lifestyle. Their is also the reality since finsub,slave is a obedience and efficiency personality. Typically are very submissive in almost all aspects of life. Though some may be very manly, generally, they prefer to take on submissive roles in life. However, ironically some finsub,slaves may have purchase of leadership and administration. Such as finsub,slaves may do very well under the right guidance However, they do so with the intent of using their purchases to benefit their FinDomme who they answer to. Some finsub,slaves can be so dedicated to their FinDomme that they become so focused on being of benefit to their FinDomme that they may perform exceptionally well in many. 

6. You will ask to be dismissed - Again, you must respect your Queen Morgan. Do not just disappear or hang up the phone. Say goodbye like a normal person, not some disadvantaged,underprivileged with zero social graces. Its just plain rude and as a  Fin Domme, I expect client-sub,slaves to be polite.

7. Always be respectful – Again, I must stress this for client-sub,slaves. If you are doubt skeptical,unbelieving, undecided, disputable, misgiving or false information in any way, you will be blocked immediately. I refuse to waste My time on anyone disagree on submission ,irriate ,vehement ,bankrupt, indebted, annoying, overly disgusting, defiant, ruined or disrespectful. I am a findomme Queen and I have loyalty finsub,slaves willing and begging to serve and guide in the manner I desire. Don’t think I’ll hesitate for a second when it comes to blocking you.