What is a payment?

A payment is a agreement  amount of benefit sent to me from you as a agreement of booking and scheduling a meeting for Private Meeting or Online meeting. There will be phone Conversation or a short Skype,Kik, Snapchat conversation to determine your consultation form  until your first initial payment of benefit has been sent.

A 50.00 Booking Deposit for One to One and Online Meeting from Client-sub/slaves that I do consider for a meeting. The deposit can be made with a Reload Card, Gift Rocket or an Amazon gift card.  You can purchase the  Amazon Cards on their website and email it to me or purchase any of them at Walgreens and email the card numbers and security codes to There are also a few other deposit options. Inquire as to what those are look below on the Payment Page for more options. " THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY"! 

 DO NOT contact me if you are not close enough for my area I am at and not willing to make the drive to out of MY area for a meeting. I DO NOT offer under ANY circumstances so DO NOT bother to ask!

Why do I require an initial payment?

 My time is very important,and Meet & Greet is disbursement before a local location I pick. I'm not going to waste it on a misguided miserable who is just looking to get arouse. I am only interested in future & long-term client-sub,slaves. 

How much do I require client-sub/slaves to pay per month?

 Client-sub,slaves depends on the Consultation of Application it determine your payment per week,bi-weekly,monthly depends on your expenditures. If you can't follow my rules or directions, you won't be able to receive any support .


What is the best way to Payment?

 An obligation online or private meeting you will have options to find other ways of quick methods of payment. I accept Payment  for Online or Private Meeting will be made with these options only:  I will  accept debit cards, direct deposit in Payoneer, Reload Card or Gift Rocket, American Express Gift Card or an Amazon Gift Card. You must ask for my preference prior to purchasing one of these! All of these can be purchased at Walgreens or CVS stores.If you do not have the ability to pay by those options, with my PERMISSION email Queen Morgan to discuss if there anymore options. Email to:


Session Payment


To confirm an appointment Queen Morgan requires a non refundable Payment deposit of a minimum of Fifty us dollars.  This deposit may be greater depending on the anticipated appointment length. You will be advised of the minimum deposit requirement at time of booking.

This can be done by Reload Cards,  Gift Rocket, Debit Cards. Go to my Payment page if you need more information. The payment will be normally charged to your account on the same day, a receipt will be waiting for you on your arrival or your email. Your debit card or email will show the payment going out to 'QMFD'.  Confirmation is normally sent by email, with full directions and a set of instructions to follow, along with the Queen's terms and conditions.
Appointment Booking Conditions - Cancellation charges

A confirmed appointment booking, as per Queen Morgan FinDomme/Therapy Session’s terms and conditions either verbal or written constitutes a binding contract. The following charges will be made for cancellation. If for any reason you have to cancel you should contact the Queen Morgan immediately.

In making the deposit payment you agree to further charges being made to your Debit Cards or other payment in accordance with the cancellation charges set out below.

The deposit received will be deducted from these charges

 Within 24 hours or no-show
100% of the total cost of the payment as stated on the confirmation email attachment.









 Private Meeting. 

 I REQUIRE Private Meeting. The payment  for an hour go to the rates page.  You MUST email me @ to make arrangements and schedule this. DO NOT MAKE INITIAL CONTACT WITH ME BY PHONE FOR THIS. IF YOU DO, WE WILL NOT BE A MEETING! I typically prefer 24 advance notice for Private Meeting.

 Travel Fees:

$55.00 5-10 miles from (30032) zipcode

$75.00 15 miles   from   (30032) zipcode

I will travel to the airport and surrounding 5 star hotels area (5-10 miles radius around 30326)

Otherwise, I Do Not Travel More than 15 miles outside 30032 for Private Meeting, Therapy, FinDomme Meeting

 To contact by phone would be  Queen Diva Morgan  1-800-863-5478 ext.9926093